Best assetto corsa controller settings in 2023

While the majority of professional sim racers opt for a racing wheel when playing Assetto Corsa Competizione, a few individuals still prefer utilizing a game controller. If you’re searching for optimal and precise controller configurations for Assetto Corsa, with the aim of enhancing your speed, it is important to acknowledge that having the correct settings can determine the outcome between victory and a did-not-finish (DNF). It is crucial to ensure that you feel comfortable and perform at your peak while maneuvering the virtual vehicle.

In practice, numerous simulation racers often commit the mistake of utilizing excessively responsive and imprecise controller configurations, resulting in the deterioration of their overall Assetto Corsa gameplay. Consequently, they mistakenly ascribe the resulting issues to the game itself.

Can You Race With A Controller Quickly On Assetto Corsa?

Utilizing racing wheels may present a challenge when attempting to surpass competitors, but solely relying on a proficient controller will not grant you invincibility on the racetrack. Nonetheless, for novices, it serves as a commendable starting point prior to committing to a costly wheelbase and pedal set.

Controller Settings On Ps5 for Assetto Corsa

In comparison to the default configurations, these specific settings provide a well-balanced and notably practical driving encounter. Although there might still be some slight uneasiness while navigating with a controller, consistent practice can help alleviate this issue.

They provide recognition to seamless inputs and facilitate consistent lap times. As mentioned, these configurations may be suitable for specific drivers only, yet they can serve as a solid basis.

While the default controller configurations function flawlessly, you have the flexibility to customize them according to your preferences.

controller settings for PS4/PS5 On Assetto Corsa:

  • The default vibration intensity is set to 80%.
  • The speed sensitivity is at 70%.
  • The dead zone is set to 2%.
  • The steering speed is at 70%.
  • The speed filter is set at 10%.
  • Steering assistance is disabled.
  • The steer gamma is set to 3.0.

Controller Settings on Assetto Corsa for Xbox One

While Xbox may not be the preferred choice for some gamers, there are still individuals who desire to play using it. In my viewpoint, the most optimal choices for controllers in playing Assetto Corsa lie within the Xbox and PlayStation realms.

  • Gamma is set to 2.2.
  • The filtration value is 0.82.
  • The speed sensitivity is 75%.
  • The deadzone is 0.04.
  • The steering speed is 100%.

Discovering the perfect gamepad settings for Assetto Corsa involves considering these settings as a foundation. While these configurations might initially appear highly sensitive and require some adaptation, they will greatly enhance your experience once you become familiar with them.

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Best Controller Settings for Assetto Corsa on Pc

Assetto Corsa (AC) provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills and fine-tune the vehicle configuration when familiarizing yourself with a real-life racing circuit. When engaging in gameplay with Assetto Corsa, it is essential to optimize the controller settings for utmost accuracy.

  • Speed sensitivity accounts for 75% of the overall factor.
  • Steering is controlled by the left thumb.
  • The right trigger operates the throttle.
  • The left trigger is responsible for applying the brakes.
  • Shifting up is done by activating the gearshift.
  • Shifting down can be achieved by pressing X.

How to Change Controller Settings in Assetto Corsa?

To make modifications to the controller options in Assetto Corsa, it is necessary to navigate through the Settings menu, specifically accessing the sections for Controller and Advanced. Within these sections, users are granted access to a wide range of advanced controller settings, allowing them to customize and adjust various options according to their preferences.

Mods for Assetto Corsa

The sim drifting community favors Assetto Corsa due to its unique advantages. It’s truly remarkable to witness the abundance of modifications available, yet it is crucial to rely on carefully vetted suggestions to guarantee exceptional quality. One minor drawback worth noting is that these mods are exclusively accessible to PC users. Below is a compilation of the recommended mods for Assetto Corsa drivers:

  • True Mod
  • Essentials of Race
  • Speed Champions Lego
  • Daikoko Realistic Traffic Simulation, or 2REAL
  • Protech Hybrid P91 Evo
  • Manager of Assetto Corsa Content
  • Pack of Custom Shaders
  • A Sol Mod
  • Studio Race Sim
  • Ford ’34 sedan legends
  • Florio Targa
  • G55 GT3 Ginetta
  • Honda NSX Type S ’22 by DT Mods
  • VRC
Assetto Corsa is Only Wheel Game?

Participants have the option to engage using various input devices such as gamepads, keyboards, mice, or joysticks. It is worth noting that a wide selection of USB input devices and USB gaming devices are compatible and fully supported.

What FPS is Recommended for Assetto Corsa?

Ensure a maximum frame rate of 30 or below to maintain optimal performance. The visual impact will be minimal with only a slight decrease in performance. However, there will be a noticeable impact on CPU utilization. If the AI or multiplayer events are causing CPU bottlenecking issues, it is recommended to lower the settings.

Is a Controller Effective for Playing Assetto Corsa?

The gamepad compatibility is exceptional, especially because it allows for a full 900-degree rotation of the steering wheel, matching the capabilities of the car. In contrast, when using a gamepad for driving in other games, the maximum turning angle is limited to 180 degrees, resulting in the excessive and overly sensitive car turning even with minimal input.

Can Assetto Corsa Enable Drifting Using a Controller?

Undoubtedly, Assetto Corsa allows drifting with the assistance of either a wired joystick or a wireless adapter. Through personal observations, it has been noticed that some users manage to utilize a controller by making adjustments to the game’s settings, albeit it might pose greater challenges.

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