Do You Need To Hand Over Seluvis Potion Or Not? Latest Guide In 2023

Preceptor Seluvis bestowed a small vial of the cure upon you. During your service to the Sorceress Ranni, you will encounter an individual named Seluvis. Despite the caution against trusting Seluvis, you will find yourself compelled to do so in order to fulfill your duty to Ranni.

The progression of the game’s storyline can be facilitated through the utilization of diverse essential objects that are obtainable from pertinent non-playable characters or discovered in particular environments, enabling the unlocking of fresh regions and quests. This piece elucidates the decision of whether or not to provide the Seluvis potion in Elden Ring.

What are the consequences of giving the potion to Seluvis?

When engaging in conversation with Gideon, you have the option to provide him with the elixir. Subsequently, he will discard it and advise you to relay a fabricated story to Seluvis. This particular course of action proves to be the optimal decision as it facilitates the fulfillment of both Dung Eater’s and Nepheli Loux’s missions. Moreover, Seluvis will be under the impression that the elixir had no effect, thereby permitting you to proceed with your mission uninterrupted.

Who is the intended recipient of Seluvis’ potion in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

Below is a comprehensive list of all the non-player characters (NPCs) featured in Seluvis’ quest, to whom you have the option of presenting the potion as a gift.

1. You have the option to acquire Elden Ring sorceries from Seluvis by delivering the potion to Gideon and informing him of your compliance with his request.

2. If you give Nepheli the potion, she will transform into a doll and leave Roundtable Hold, becoming Seluvis’s unbreakable slave. Her journey concludes at this point, but you can still purchase her spirit summon from Seluvis.

3. Alternatively, you can choose to save the potion and give it to the Loathsome Dung Eater when you encounter his physical form in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds beneath Leyndell, the Royal Capital. By doing so, Seluvis will also be able to summon the Dung Eater.

Should I Hand Over To Gideon Seluvis Potion

In the event that you choose to administer the concoction to Sir Gideon Ofnir instead of Nepheli, the progression of the quest will guide you accordingly. Gideon will request that you inform Seluvis about delivering the elixir to Nepheli once you have done the same for him.

Seluvis will never have any inkling of your intentions, yet willingly agrees to teach you the ways of magic. After fulfilling an ample portion of Seluvis’s requests and discussing Nepheli with Sir Gideon, you have the option to offer the potion meant for Nepheli to Seluvis instead.

Once the elixir has been administered to Nepheli, Sir Gideon Ofnir will advise you to go back to Seluvis and feign delivering the potion to Nepheli. Ofnir claims that Seluvis is completely oblivious to reality, making it unlikely for him to notice any discrepancies.

He remains consistent in his response, bolstering the assertion. Seluvis persists in offering magical guidance without modifying his questline, resulting in identical outcomes in both cases. The question of whom to administer the potion to becomes the current predicament.

Seluvis Potion Or Not Hand Over

According to Ofnir, your strategy would be ineffective if you choose not to provide him with Seluvis’s concoction. While I currently have no use for her due to her altered state, she still holds potential.

These two options are rather underwhelming, to be candid. While bestowing the potion upon Sir Gideon yields no significant gameplay advantages, it is morally objectionable to give it to Nepheli. Luckily, Seluvis’s elixir presents a third alternative – administering the medicine to the Dung Eater.

Should I Hand it Over To Dung Eater Seluvis Potion?

If you advance sufficiently in the Dung Eater’s quest line, it becomes possible to apply Seluvis’s potion to the creature. This action leads to its metamorphosis into a marionette, which can be utilized in a similar manner to the other puppets available for purchase from Seluvis.

The most suitable choice for Seluvis’ mission involves offering the potion to the Dung Eater unconditionally. This decision allows you to maintain your values, rescue Nepehli, and gain the ability to summon the Dung Eater’s spirit.

Hand Over Elden Ring Potion To Nepheli

Is it more advantageous to administer the potion to Nepheli in Elden Ring? No, there exist superior alternatives. By obtaining the Dolores puppet Spirit through different means, one can avoid giving the potion to Nepheli and thus refrain from interfering with her mission. Furthermore, Gideon, the discontented individual stationed near the entrance of the Table of Grace chamber, will dispose of the potion if engaged in conversation.

In order to deliver a potion to Nepheli, you need to fulfill a segment of the Nepheli Loux questline. Nepheli can be found at Roundtable Hold, situated close to the base of the stairs. After locating the marionette in Seluvis’ hidden lab, you can acquire Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet by offering Nepheli the aforementioned potion.

Nevertheless, acquiring this particular item is ultimately possible within the confines of Pidia in Caria Manor. Nonetheless, I strongly discourage engaging in such an endeavor, as it will hinder your progress in accomplishing Nepheli’s series of quests.

Seluvis Potion Benefits

The benefits you obtain are contingent upon the choices you make. Unearthing the potion in Seluvis’ Hidden Laboratory will grant you Dolores, the dormant arrow puppet spirit ash. However, in order to proceed with Nepheli’s Questline, you must entrust it to Nepheli.

Acquiring spirit ash will not be possible if you choose to hand over the potion to Sir Gideon Ofnir. Instead, you have the option to proceed with Nepheli’s Questline.

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