How to Get Rid of The Frog in Candy Crush Update 2023

Candy Crush possesses numerous impressive attributes; however, not all of them are accompanied by instructional guides. If you find yourself experiencing confusion regarding the utilization of Candy Crush’s candy frog element, there is no need to be concerned, as you are not alone. Continue reading to discover effective methods for employing or eliminating the candy frog in Candy Crush.

How to Get Rid of The Frog in Candy Crush

Candy Crush
How to Get Rid of The Frog in Candy Crush

The candy frog can only be eliminated by feeding it. Although you cannot completely eliminate the frog from the board, you can relocate it to different tiles using a straightforward technique. To move the candy frog in Candy Crush, all you have to do is match it with candies of the same color until it becomes “full.” You’ll recognize its fullness when it starts to glow or flash after approximately twelve or more matches. Once it’s full, you can freely pick it up and transfer it to any desired location on the board. This method is especially advantageous for generating additional matches and earning extra points.

There exist certain positions where locating the candy frog becomes impossible, such as squares containing licorice locks or squares blocked in a similar manner. However, as long as the placement is not on a locked square, there should be no difficulty in positioning the frog. Once the candy frog is successfully placed, it will crush all adjacent candies, including those trapped in locked squares! After being crushed once, the frog will return to its original form without glowing, and you will have the opportunity to repeat the entire procedure.

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The candy frog might appear challenging to utilize for individuals lacking knowledge of its proper application, but it is, in fact, an extremely advantageous attribute. Once you acquire the skill to effectively employ the candy frog, you will no longer encounter any difficulties in successfully finishing a board!

Candy Crush has introduced numerous thrilling elements, one of which is the captivating candy frog. if you love playing Games like this and would love to learn more about gaming check out GamenZone for any gaming guides.

Important Information about Candy Frogs in Candy Crush

You cannot crush or clear Candy Frog because it is not a blocker.
To enhance the frog’s abilities, pair it with a Special Candy in the game.
The Candy Frog could become coated in chocolate as you reach higher levels. To keep feeding it candies, you must remove the chocolate covering the Frog.

That’s all there is to it. I hope you find this Candy Crush Frog Candy guide to be useful.

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